How The Country Polo Shirts Came Into Style

A polo shirt is the most elegant piece of athletic clothing available. These shirts are collared, assembled with a placket neckline with three buttons attached, and are typically worn for tennis or golf. They're elegant enough to wear to a country club but casual enough to wear to sports.

Country Polo shirts are an item of clothing that has never really gone out of style. They've had a few different identities over the years. A polo shirt can be worn in a variety of ways. If you enjoy wearing polo shirts, you should be aware of current trends. Browse our wide range of country polo shirts online. 

The Polo Shirt's Origins

When playing golf or tennis, individuals used to wear long white slacks and white long sleeve shirts. René Lacoste, a famous tennis player, designed the first country polo shirt he wore to the US Open in 1926. Thanks to its breathable material and short sleeves, the shirt was considerably better for sports that required moving one's arms. In addition, the collar had a formal aspect while it was down, and when it was up, it provided sun protection for the wearer's neck.

Polo shirts are now worn on a wide variety of occasions. They are available in short and long sleeves and are suitable for both women and men.

Consider A Realistic Approach.

Polo shirts are, by their very nature, basic. Replace your go-to T-shirts and tank tops with a polo instead, and take inspiration from its naturally subdued style. Next, consider the collared essential as a more structured option for tying your ensemble together. Finally, pair your polo with something unexpected to give it a variation from more standard styles.

Skinny jeans, for example, are frequently worn with a tunic or a flowy tank and a structured blazer for a fashionable, no-nonsense appearance. However, replacing it with a polo shirt makes them look more approachable and relaxed. Put on a pair of canvas sneakers or, if you want to go even more casual, a pair of pumps to dress up the polo shirt.

The Style Aspect

What's the bottom line? Polo shirts are really fashionable. You can wear them with jeans or simple bottoms in a classic way, or you can mix things up by mixing them with more modern alternatives. You may make the polo shirt a major part of your outfit by mixing and matching it with other items.

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